Mat Devine: “Gerard Way Encouraged Me To Stay Weird”

Why did you decide to write/record a solo album? Why did now feel like the right time?
I just wanted to stay creative, stay active. I was so tired of being in limbo, waiting for another Kill Hannah record to come out. We were spending more time in meetings and phone calls and answering emails than we were making music, and it was bumming all of us out. We have the next record written, and it’s insanely good, but we aren’t gonna move until we have serious support from the right label. With me, I can be more nomadic and mobile. I wrote 12 songs that are super honest and intimate, and rented part of my friend’s house in LA and just committed to it. It’s wonderful (in LA). Even at night it’s warm. I let the sun hit my arm for five minutes yesterday. Vitamin D, they say. Never had any before.
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